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The compounds in this tablet generate the balanced and energetic production of bile which breaks down fat and assimilates fat soluble vitamins.

The liver is the largest and in some ways the most complex organ in the body.  One of its major functions is to break down harmful substances absorbed from the intestines or manufactured elsewhere in the body then excrete them as harmless by-products into bile or blood. 

The combination of L. Methionine, Inositol and Choline are a key component in our formula, which helps cleanse the liver of carbon radicals, and stimulates a balanced and energetic production of bile. 

It also helps to break down fat and cholesterol, eliminates toxins and bacteria (which facilitates blood cleansing), plus helps stimulate the body’s natural lecithin formation.

BONUS:   The added Milk Thistle helps to rebuild liver tissue.

Suggested Use:  Take two tablets on rising and two tablets on retiring, followed by a full glass of water or juice.
150 count
L-methionne---------------------------200 mg
Choline (Bitartrate)-------------------100 mg
Inositol--------------------------------100 mg
Milk Thistle----------------------------100 mg

In a base of:

Dandelion Root Powder---------------100 mg
Black Raddish Powder----------------100 mg
Beet Root Powder--------------------100 mg
Golden Powder-----------------------100 mg
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