Testimonials from users

Testimonials from users

November 8, 1989


Dear Mr. van Wessel,


Enclosed you will find a copy of our research pertaining to the colonic rinse, liver rinse, and kidney rinse (TM).  Based on the strength of our findings, we plan to immediately send a special mailing to homeopathic doctors and medical doctors.  We will contact you about this upon completion of the task.  We hope this report proved beneficial to you.


With kind regards,

G.J. van Lamoen

General Director

Akademie voor Integrerende Geneeswijzen

(Academy for Healing Arts)

Leusden, Holland



February 23, 2006


Dear Pierre van Wessel,


Over the past 20 years, American Metabolic Institute has been using Unique Vitality products as a basic protocol for treatment with constant benefits to enhance all our patient protocols.

Best regards,

William R. Fry


Geronimo Rubio, M.D.

Medical Director

American Metabolic Institute

Bonita, California



July 5th, 1991


Dear Pierre,


As you know we have been using your products for some years now.  Our clients are getting many positive results. Having the Darkfield Microscope available to view the blood, we see on the cellular level that your products are doing their job


Keep up the good work.  Your products are definitely appreciated.




Dr. Rubio, M.D.

Rosarita Hospital

San Ysidro, California



December 1, 1986


To Whom It May Concern:


I have seen in my practice thousands of patients suffering from systemic candidiasis.  The disease has taken epidemic proportions, and there seems to be little relief in the future if we are not changing our lifestyles. One particular important step in the Candida treatment besides killing the Candida cells, is eliminating the toxins produced by their dying off.  I have found the colonic rinse has been a key factor in this elimination and brought relief to most of the patients plagued by chronic constipation.  It is therefore mostly recommended to all our patients.




Dr. Luc De Schepper, M.D., Ph.D., C.A.

Clinical Assistant Professor

UCLA Medical School Pain Center

Westlake Village, CA


"Author of:  Candida, the Epidemic of this Century Solved."



July 19, 1995


Dear Mr. van Wessel,


As you well know, I have been using Vacustrem for one year.  You also know I had a heart attack in 1991. With my recent angiogram performed by Dr. George Hubert a reversal of my coronary artery lesions was demonstrated.  This is a very rare phenomenon.  I also passed my treadmill test.


Since using Vacustrem I have been losing weight and I have more energy than I sometimes know what to do with.  The general sense of well being I have has resulted in me taking hold of my family practice with all diligence and enterprise.  I recommend Vacustrem to many of my patients.  Thank you for recommending it.


Yours sincerely,


Geoffrey V. Drew, M.D.



March 14, 2002


Dear Mr. van Wessel


I had a problem with my right kidney, it was deteriorating.  I've had this condition for over 2 years.  However, since I have been taking KDNE Rinse twice a day religiously for 18 months, my kidney condition improved drastically. As a matter of fact, my doctor is so amazed at my progress he said my kidney is well enough that I don't have to see him regularly anymore, just keep in touch.  Well, how about that!  I will continue to use KDNE Rinse.  Oh yes, I forgot to

mention.  I am 76 years old.  Thank you for making such a fine product.


Pat Martines

Inverness, FL



August 24, 1984

Dear Mr. van Wessel


I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are to have tried your new products, Colonic Rinse and Liver Rinse.  As you know we have used the Colon 8 products successfully over the pasts several years and have been quite satisfied.  However, with the introduction of your new products, we are pleased to tell you that the patient compliance in taking these preparations

Has many times improved.  We look forward to using them for our patients.


We appreciate your efforts to bring us quality products, which can enhance the care of our patients.


Thank you.

Robert D. Milne, M.D.

The Nevada Clinic

Las Vegas, NV



October 1, 1990


Dear Pierre,


I told you on the phone how great your Hypo Formula is.  I would like top put it in writing for you.  My husband is a recovering alcoholic.  We have found that 90% of alcoholics are hypoglycemic also, which led us to believe that alcoholics can do themselves a great service and help the craving for alcohol by nurturing the pituitary and pancreas with Hypo Formula.  My husband has been taking Hypo Formula for a month now and is amazed by how he does not have mood swings anymore.  This must be by the proper production of insulin being produced in his body now.  We know that the only change he has made is taking Hypo Formula, so it has to be the reason for this great new energy and even temper he has been experiencing.

Thank you for such a great formula.  I hope all alcoholics hear of this product.


Sincerely yours,

Marie Nelson

San Clements, CA

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